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Keyword Search Tips

Singular or plural
If you are looking for woman or women, or, dog or dogs use either singular or plural.

If you want just one woman in the image, use one woman.

Man and woman will give images that contain both men and women.

Search for man or woman and your results will include images of both men and women together, images of men only and images of women only.

Use this word to exclude subjects you do not want to see. Man not photograph will return images of man in all media but not in photographs.

Search within
When searching for images of men, once you have the results pages, narrow down the search to just ‘photographs’ of men by typing in ‘photographs’ and ticking the box SEARCH WITHIN THESE RESULTS.

Useful keywords for designers and creatives

Concepts and emotions
We have many images covering concepts and emotions.

Homonyms are words with the same spelling with different meanings. When you search using a homonym, you have a choice of the various meanings for e.g. turkey (country) or turkey (bird).

No results
A list of similar keywords will be offered to assist your search.

Century Search
Select the century from the drop-down menu.

Age Groups
V&A Collections
These are categories of images selected as strongly reflecting our collection. Simply select the subject that relating to your search. We are continually creating new and adding to the categories in V&A Collections.